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Attention project manages: Are you tired of working harder but still not seeing positive results?

“Discover How to STOP Fighting With Your Clients & Putting Your Job at Risk. Be Respected & Paid Handsomely for Your Expertise Instead!”

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Instant Access to 36-Years of Proven Tools!

Tap into the the school of hard knocks without paying the price of getting beat up first.
Bradley Waldrop National Eagle Scout Association

You’ll get the lessons he’s continued to learn and wisdom he’s continued to develop since he received his Eagle Scout award in 1984 – 36 years ago.

Bradley Waldrop United States Naval Academy

Received His Appointment to the United States Naval Academy at Age 17

Bradley Waldrop Past President ASCE Sacramento Section Capital Branch
Technical Prowess

Past President of American Society of Civil Engineers Sacramento Section Capital Branch

Bradley Waldrop Civil Engineering Industry Advisory Committee California State University Sacramento
Industry Shaper

Past Industry Advisory Committee Member for the Civil Engineering Program at California State University, Sacramento

Seasoned Trainer

Specialty trainer for the Construction Project Management Course for AGC San Diego

Amazing projects do come from challenging situations!

Startling Fact

It’s shocking, but true…

Just about everything you’ve ever been told about running a successful project is WRONG.

That’s why no matter how much harder you work, the less you’ll have to show for all that increased effort. But there’s a better way – and it’s called “The Project Recovery Formula,” where you STOP losing money, STOP losing sleep, and STOP jeopardizing quality. Instead you have clients thanking you for your work and begging you to be part of their next project.

“Project Recovery Formula” reveals a proven, more productive approach to running any project by applying the secrets of curiosity leadership and initiative rather than brute force KPIs. It lays out exactly how to create solid relationships, winning teams, and rock-solid trust that delivers repeat business and strong profits you want through a carefully designed project delivery and communication system.


“Project Recovery Formula” Gives You…

Revealing the insider secrets to turning around challenging projects and making good projects amazing!

Quick Conflict Resolution

Defuse the most extreme conflicts without yelling or acting like a jerk.

Service Without Sacrifice

Regain your confidence and provide other-worldly client service without sacrificing profitability.

Protects Your Reputation

Rebuild your relationships with your clients to change their mind from “you’re fired” to “I can’t thank you enough!”

Attracts Amazing Talent

Attract amazing talent that’s willing to crawl through broken glass to get on your team.

Grows Your Book of Business

Have clients and employers chase you down to run their projects and help them accomplish their most audacious goals.

This book reveals powerful, proven strategies to turn losses into gains, protect your reputation, and restore your relationships with your team and your clients. You’ll discover exactly how the “Project Recovery Formula” can finally create true trust, stability, and prosperity for your projects and your company.

Don’t miss this opportunity – grab your FREE copy of “Project Recovery Formula” now before it’s too late.


Who Is Bradley Waldrop?

World Leader in Project Recovery

Bradley is the Founder and CEO of Waldrop Communications, the author of “Business Integrity Matters” & co-hosts Across The Pond, Live!

Waldrop Communications helps project managers and design professionals get more out of their teams and develop lifelong trusted relationships with their clients.

Bradley has helped businesses in over 43 countries and almost every state in the US. He received his congressional nomination to the Class of 1993 of the United States Naval Academy from Congressman Vic Fazio and achieved the amazing accolades of being a physical fitness “Super” in his class during plebe summer. He achieved his Eagle Scout award as quickly as the Boy Scouts of America would allow (getting his Eagle when he was only 14-years old). To call him an over-achiever might be an understatement.

Bradley authored Amazon’s Top 50 “Business Integrity Matters” and has appeared on television and radio with special guest spots on WGGS and Atlantas’s 57, WATC. His leadership has had him on the civil engineering industry advisory committees for California Polytechnic, Pomona and California State University, Sacramento. He’s been blessed to be part of the first-ever steering committee for the University of California, Riverside’s A. Gary Anderson Graduate School of Management – even though his business degree is from the school of hard knocks.

Now, as a Registered Civil Engineer, Bradley has the pleasure of serving as the Past President of the Sacramento Capital Branch of the American Society of Civil Engineers. As his presidential term ended, he transitioned directly into a support role in communications to help boost membership and lean into the industry.

His practical experience as the operations and technical manager for engineering in Northern California and a career delivering projects with over $15,000,000,000 in public works improvements puts him in a unique position to provide realistic advice while understanding the day to day struggles of project managers, technical leads, and business development teams.

Bradley Waldrop, P.E.

CEO, Waldrop Communications
RCE #59724, California


Changing Lives

Bradley’s heart for the person behind the “project management” and “client” titles gives him a unique perspective that gives you the power to preserve and enhance your relationships with your team and your client – even when you’re tucked in a foxhole trying to fight your way out of a bad situation!
WGGS Apearance in South Carolina

Discussing business ethics and applying Christian principals to everyday work.

Atlanta Live! Appearance with Rick and Tanya Curren

Discussing business integrity and how it boots the your team and strengthens your bottom line.

Industry Changing Interviews

Bradley’s been blessed to interview amazing business owners, product developers, and business leaders as the host of “Holy Profits” and “Business Integrity Matters” heard worldwide through the technical champions at 95.7 The Choice in Asheville and Mars Hill, North Carolina.

Attention project manages: Are you tired of working harder but still not seeing positive results?

“Discover How to STOP Losing Money On Projects. Protect Your Reputation & Relationships Instead!”

While Supplies Last – Limited Time Only…

Act Now to Claim Your Free Copy of Bradley Waldrop’s Latest Release “Project Recovery Formula”

*all we ask is for you to pay for shipping and handling