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Pre-Meeting Questionnaire

  • Basic Information

    Please complete the following information to help me understand a little more about you and your business.
  • About Your Business

    Please complete the following fields to the best of your ability. I will use these responses to determine the format and initial questions for discussion during our meeting.
    • How much revenue do you get from your average customer?
    • How much revenue do you get from your average customer's first purchase?
    • How much do you spend or have you budgeted for marketing and advertising in your business?
    • How much does revenue does your company earn in a year?
  • Working Together

    Outline what you'd like to get out of our discussion and how you think I can help.
  • What is your biggest challenge for which you think I can help?
  • How confident are you that I can help you and what gives you that level of confidence?