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Bradley Waldrop’s Book Launch Becomes Amazon Best Seller

Rooted in Faith, Thriving in Business

Bradley Waldrop, author and business leader, recently launched his book, Rooted in Faith, Thriving in Business, which became an Amazon Best Seller. The book focuses on helping Christian business owners share their faith through their work without risking alienating their customers or losing their employees.

“Great practical strategies and real-life examples that call for immediate incorporation in any business of value. Thank you Bradley Waldrop This is a book to come to again and again, to tap into better practices for faith-based businesses.“

-Amazon Customer

Bradley Waldrop is a founding board member of Jacob’s House and The Joseph Initiative – two amazing Christian non-profits. He is also a previous steering committee member for University of California, Riverside’s A.Gary Anderson Graduate School of Management, winner of the fastest growing small business inside a leading international professional services business, author of best-selling Business Integrity Matters, the industry’s only practical application of the bible to business owners and entrepreneurs, and past facilitator for the East Coast’s most active and productive Lean Startup Circle.

The goal of this book is to provide readers with practical strategies and real-life examples of how to incorporate faith into their business practices without alienating their customers or employees.

Pick up your copy of Rooted in Faith, Thriving in Business today on

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Bradley Waldrop

Phone: (916) 314-0413

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